first game with MY SKIN



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    LazarBeam X Fortnite MARCH 4TH - CODE LAZAR
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    1. 3hree O

      LazarBeam,you are the best gamer in the world. I like you LazarBeam,like if you agree with me .

    2. muhammad ayub

      start your mincraft episodes

    3. ZeKnight

      Fortnite is shit

    4. XxBlazeMassiX


    5. GL_ SNIPZ

      Is it goodbye to gingy :)

    6. B00m 4 NC


    7. Blakevsgames

      also i gotta use code lazar YEET

    8. kiwikidking Xd

      Why have a pie he needs bear

    9. Ahmareen khalid

      All I know is that your not the old lazarbeam but change isnt always bad

    10. Ryan Bell

      You forgot to wear your hard hat mate, that's a Carton !!

    11. Balthazar Oliva Cave

      anyone else notice his vid goes for under ten minutes

    12. Selitnow O

      I swear the last guy was a laser beam skin

    13. Khaos '

      3:51 8 dmg to the head

    14. Blakevsgames

      i like your roblox videos do more please!

    15. daily videos life

      I saw this live and donated $15

    16. Cillian Linnane

      It’s really cool

    17. Noah Janse Van Rensburg

      And I was wondering if you can get me the laserbeam skin

    18. Noah Janse Van Rensburg

      Laserbeam I didn’t get to do the tournament because I got kicked off by my parents 😭😭😭

    19. Ashton Kerr

      Btw the last person was another lazar skin

    20. I Love R O B L O X

      Now When Is A Dream Skin Coming To Fortnite?

    21. HentaiBro 69

      I want lazar to throw it back with the savage emote.

    22. yeet

      If I still played fortnite I would 100% buy this skin

    23. Tornado Phantom


    24. camo cloud

      You should have a game when he wheres his blue jumper

    25. Nathan Okoro

      I feel that because he has a skin now he should bring back the old outro song

    26. Jack GamingOP

      Btw I'm a fan

    27. yogi bhat

      The dude : I have not heard of lazarbeam

    28. Jack GamingOP

      Amagine there was a boss called lazerbeam and its location was called lazerbeams destruction pit

    29. Tiyamike Mlenga

      you deserve over 20milion subs p.s did i spell milion correct

    30. Pete Binfield


    31. Cookie

      Lazer beam you will be banned

    32. Abdallah Azazy


    33. Jazz

      I'm not gonna get the skin because I'm kinda poor 😕but I will try and get the backbling id love the skin tho

    34. Kalel Parungao

      Congrats and we did a icon squad with the ninja skin loserfruit grefg lachlan and your new lazerbeam skin :)

    35. S1 customs

      Lazar doesn’t hit the same anymore

    36. flipper

      You deserv this

    37. Swifty OCE

      amerkins =/+_+

    38. Oliver Neasloss


    39. matt newton

      Your the BEST member EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR

    40. Andres Losada

      Ye love to see it

    41. Yoonis Abdi

      ur a legend keep it up

    42. Antiwyd

      POV: you can’t watch the stream

    43. Demi Moore's Ramdom Video's

      Is it out

    44. Davis Abdoellah

      ur the dad for hitlor

    45. --

      so fake did like 6 months laboring rofl cmon dude

    46. Roham Javadi

      How do you get your skin

    47. TicRyt XV

      biggest congrats on being number 1 on trending.

    48. Aoje Javaid


    49. Madi69 gamer

      my lobby: having swets and bots lazar lobby: mostly stream shiper

    50. Kris

      Only Lazarbeam's skin can bring me back to fortnite

    51. SushiBoi

      Im gonna try to buy it with code lazar but if i cant buy it im sorry

    52. Grace Jones

      Cool skin use code lazerbeam

    53. Hype Zattba

      4:41 LazarBeam: UOU! a scar,HUGE!! Me: Isn't that Drolby🧐🧐

    54. steamy tree


    55. Erik Nava

      Every body go to the Fortnite item shop and make sure to be using code laser laser

    56. SushiBoi

      Im gonna try to buy it with code lazar but if i cant buy it im sorry

    57. TryEverything

      Very nice.

    58. lillee leo singh

      Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi

    59. Ik U Mad

      Looks more like true with dark hair You should have said something about the hair and perv stache

    60. Yeet Destroyer

      Great utuber he is

    61. Lana Miles

      Plzzzz give me a chance to add you plzzzzz

    62. Сергей Токарев

      Мне нравится

    63. AJMan09 games

      I’m sad because my mum said that I can’t get it because it doesn’t look like you🙁

    64. CJMorris 2009


    65. Ariq109


    66. FxnC

      I guess we say goodbye to gingy

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        No.658 text me, see pfp.

    67. sabeeh haider


    68. Amelia Weber


    69. Mr Goose

      The last style looks like Mr Beast lol

      1. Mr Goose

        @Free Netflix Premium acct contact TEL in pfp to get stfu bot

    70. GeriФ

      5:10 got me

    71. Skullhunter _2011

      The last guy was your skin i am pretty sure

    72. • HeyImRyan •

      Use code lazar now he deserves it also plz send friend ur my favorite HUfastr

    73. Holozz

      It looks like a kid made the skin in sims

    74. Rabia Iqbal

      “First game with my skin” bullshit what about monster league i guess thats what its called

    75. _Maverick503

      It’s bad that I can’t buy the skin since it doesn’t show on the item shop and it sucks cuz I really wanted it

    76. Craig Fate

      yeeeeeeeeet lve you mate

    77. FN REPLAYS

      i bet the the next one is fresh

    78. Xm dixxi

      RIP GINGY!

    79. Rng Jacob09

      I remember watching u mess around in the truckers and etc

    80. Jamie Cooper

      ''Its impossible for me to get hit '' 1 second later ''Shit shit shit''

    81. FriedPapaya

      I love how they made him a skin just to come back to fortnite.

    82. eating them pancakes


    83. Isma-eel Samsodien

      So proud 🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥

    84. ONTO

      Your minecraft videos is sow gut

    85. IVY RyZe

      You deserve it.

    86. ONTO

      Start minecraft again but HARDCORE

    87. aleci7u7 alvarado


    88. Owenleg van wyk

      Gingy won that

    89. Nathan Ammenti

      You are not even supposed to be on the main trending page so gtfo

    90. Dxprxssionッ

      imagine tey made a yeet glider that sings the lazar beam chug-jug anthem

    91. Noman Collections

      You deserve it mate

    92. CoolBro21

      I’m gonna be the first one to buy the skin using code Lazar

    93. Brodie Sheridan

      your skin is the best

    94. Davy Repper

      Someone help me what does cannon mean

    95. Nico Abery

      can people stop sending the my parents promised if I hit a certain amount of subs they will give me a monitor. It is fake and they are just begging for subs.

      1. Nico Abery

        @Free Netflix Premium acct contact TEL in pfp to get ?

    96. Layland Morris


    97. ninkey

      what if his emote was a shoey ahaha

    98. Anna Lieb

      I was recommended this... 🧐

    99. Nostrodumbass

      Your character looks Spanish. You don't. 😂😂